Google’s New Handwriting Feature on Mobile Devices

A cool feature has been enabled by the Google in the handsets which are running with Android and iOS. Until now, we have seen the key board typing and voice-search for the Google search results. Now, Google has enabled the new feature which can be called as ‘handwriting recognition’.

Free Download Printable Facebook Posters for your Business

Now, Facebook seems to extend its business strategies by making printable posters (PDF) for your business. Yes! Now you can download and print the Facebook posters which help in marketing your website and business stores.

Download AVG Removal Tool And Uninstall AVG 2012 using AVG 2012 Removal Tool

AVG Anti-virus safeguards your PC against viruses, spywares, Trojans etc., and acts as a anti-spyware. Until now various AVG Anti-virus versions has been released and the latest version is of AVG 2012 which includes Antivirus, anti-virus free, IS (Internet Security) and AVG advisor. Like all other previous versions AVG 2012 works effectively and makes your PC faster but if just in case if you are not satisfied with the performance of this AVG 2012 antivirus, then you can uninstall it easily with the AVG 2012 removal tool.

rthdcpl.exe – What is rthdcpl.exe

rthdcpl.exe is a file related to Realtek sound cards and it acts as a Realtek HD Audio control panel. It will be installed on your PC along with the Realtek sound cards.

What is Mscorsvw.exe ?How To Disable Mscorsvw.exe From Running

Mscorsvw.exe is a process which runs in the background after installing Microsoft .NET framework and you can see its usage under Task manager.

What is igfxpers.exe ?How to disable igfxpers.exe

Sometimes you find igfxpers.exe process in the task manager consuming CPU usage. Most of the users panic about this .exe file as this name resembles like the malware, virus etc., but there is no need to worry about this file as it is not any kind of malware or virus related file.

What is Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger ? How to Fix Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger has Encountered a Problem and needs to close

“Dr.Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close”. Have you seen this error on your PC? Then your PC is affected with Dr.Watson debugger. But, there is no need to worry or panic about this error as there is a solution to fix this error. Before proceeding further to find out the solution, let’s know some information about Dr.Watson debugger.

What is a Blog ? Tips Get More Traffic to Your Blog

A blog is nothing but an open page for sharing information about anything and everything in the planet. Many people has started to blog for money and by learning the basic skills of blogging, you can easily make dollars. Blog can also provide as a valid platform for advertising about your website and products. Each day thousands of blogs are getting added on the internet and not all of them are rated in the first page and not many of them could get even a single visitor. The reason is simple. Many people create blog for writing and promoting their own product and not for sharing common information. Ultimately no one will find it interesting anymore and it may not be listed in the crawlers of search engines.

How To Use Social media marketing

Among the various methods of online marketing, social media marketing has certainly significant place. It gives priority to the people who gather to discuss anything on the planet from current politics to latest movie review. Millions of people visit networking sites like Facebook and twitter to know what their friends are doing today. Advertisers can take this chance to place ads about their products in such social sites to grab the audience attraction. There will not be any community or group of audience who visit social sites each day. People from different walks of life can share their views and post opinions on forum pages. In this way, the web owners can easily reach millions of audience by placing interesting and capturing ads here.